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             located @ 3700 Massillon Rd. Ste# 350
                       THE SHOPS OF GREEN 
                        WALK-INS WELCOME  or
                   Call or Text: 330-727-5386  Cell




Wills, Trusts, Estates, Guardianship

Probate Administration

Divorce, Dissolution, Custody, Support

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Real Estate Transactions

Elder Law Issues

Attorney & Real Estate Agent

          Attorney and licensed Real Estate Agent

  Attorney Estelle D. Flasck is both a licensed Attorney

              and  licensed Real Estate Agent

                   Who provides you with the

                    "added value of services"        

                 when you buy or sell your home 

                     or any real property you own.



                         Probate and Real Estate Attorney 

                            Estate Planning and Elder Law

Attorney and Real Estate Agent with more than 20 years experience in successful representation of hundreds of                                                   Clients.  


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   “Legal Advice Line"
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         Answered !

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